Protection Plus Merchant Overview

Overview of Koalafi's Protection Plus program that offers coverage for customers and their leases

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Koalafi's Protection Plus program offers lease customers a simple way to cover a part or all of their active leases' payments in the event of adverse life events such as unemployment, hospitalization, or loss of life. Protection Plus also gives members access to special wellness perks, such as telemedicine services, and discounts for certain categories such as groceries and travel.**

The program is optional, and customers will be provided all of the information when the offer is presented to them. Protection Plus costs $12.99 / month and the customer can cancel at anytime.

The program information and enrollment is integrated into the customer application. There is no action needed on your part.

Protection Plus is an added offering and only displays after the lease agreement is signed. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The terms of the lease agreement are not affected by the customer's decision to add Protection Plus.

  • Enrolling in Protection Plus does not affect the lease activation process or affect the lease's regular payments.

  • Protection Plus payments are charged separately from the customer's lease.


  • Involuntary Unemployment

    • Covers a part or all of the customer's active leases in the event that they have lost their employment as a result of being fired (except as set out in the exclusions), involuntarily laid off or suspended or out of work due to a company strike, labor dispute or if their place of employment closes.

  • Accident & Sickness

    • Covers a part or all of the customer's active leases in the event that they become sick or injured and are unable to work.

  • Courtesy Waiver (Loss of Life Lease Waiver)

    • Covers the customer's active leases in the event of the death of any member named on the lease agreement(s).

*These benefits are not insurance or a substitute for insurance. Please see membership agreement for limitations, restrictions and exclusions. Eligibility restrictions apply before claims are approved.

Other Benefits**

  • Wellness Benefits***

    • Prescription Savings

    • Vision and Eyewear Savings

    • 24/7 Telemedicine

  • Discounts and Deals

    • Dining and Food Discounts

    • Grocery Coupons

    • Discounted Hotel Lodging through Choice Hotels

    • Rental Car Deals

    • Roadside Assistance Savings

    • ...and more!

** Exact benefits vary by state

*** Benefits not available in the state of WA

How It Works

Customers are able to enroll in the program directly in the application after they sign their lease agreement. The Protection Plus offer screen provides detailed information about the program and its applicable benefits for the state where your store is located.

If the customer chooses to join the program, Koalafi will use the bank account provided during their lease application to process their Protection Plus payments.

Merchant FAQ about Protection Plus

What is Protection Plus?

Koalafi Protection Plus offers a set of benefits that include partial or full lease protection when certain life events like involuntary unemployment, hospitalization, or loss of life occur over the course of the lease that impacts a customer's ability to make payments.

The exact benefits vary by state and are highlighted on the membership agreement on the offer screen.

What does Protection Plus cover?

The primary protections are involuntary unemployment, accident & sickness, and protection for family members in the case of loss of life.

Ask the customer to read the membership agreement on the offer screen for more details.

How much does it cost?

Protection Plus is $12.99/month for customers.

How does the customer enroll?

Customers are able to enroll in the program directly in the application after they sign their lease agreement.

Can customers cancel?

Yes. Customers can cancel at any time by calling Koalafi’s Customer Support team at 844.937.8275 or emailing Koalafi at and requesting un-enrollment from Protection Plus.

Does the program cover existing leases?

Yes. The protection program covers all new and existing leases. However, claims for coverage can only be filed for events that occur after enrollment. Enrollment occurs when the new lease is activated.

Does the customer still have access to Protection Plus after they make their final lease payment?

Yes. The customer will still have access to the program benefits even after they pay off their lease. They will also be charged monthly while they remain enrolled in the program.

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