Who is Koalafi?
Written by Christina Tamaroglio
Updated over a week ago

Koalafi is pronounced like “qualify” (or “koala-fy”) to reflect our commitment to helping more people get the things they need. Plus, who doesn’t like koalas?

Our core clear and affordable lease-to-own financing plans, and recently launched second-look loans, offer compelling terms that allow customers with no to good credit to make life-changing purchases.

Our payment plans enable merchants to attract new customers and increase sales. We believe financing is more than just a payment tool for our customers—it’s a means for them to build credit and personal financial health. This is why we are the only major lease provider to report payments to a primary credit bureau. Customers may have an opportunity to build credit by making on-time payments over the entire agreement term. Koalafi reports positive and negative payment history.

Wally the koala

Meet Wally the koala, our trusty sidekick! You may see him cheering on customers through their application.

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