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What’s the difference between a lease and a loan?
What’s the difference between a lease and a loan?
Written by Christina Tamaroglio
Updated over a week ago

Here are some key differences between leases and loans:




Customers with no credit history or who are building credit.

Customers with good to excellent credit.


Koalafi purchases the item from the merchant and leases it to the customer. They will own it in full when they make their last payment. The customer can pay their lease off early at a lower cost.

If the customer wants to cancel the lease, they can simply return the item to the merchant or Koalafi.

Koalafi loans the money directly to the customer to purchase the item from the retailer

Customer cost

The customer pays a low initial payment and a fixed, pre-set, amount on top of the retail price.

The customer pays interest on the loan. Loans are typically more affordable than leases.

Merchant cost

Typically, no cost to the merchant. See your merchant agreement for details.

A low percentage of each transaction.

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