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Does Koalafi provide marketing materials and digital assets?
Does Koalafi provide marketing materials and digital assets?
Written by Christina Tamaroglio
Updated over a week ago

Koalafi provides approved point of purchase (POP) and digital assets to support merchants with offering Koalafi financing and making it easy for customers to apply.

POP Welcome Kits

You will receive a standard POP welcome kit with pens, handbill holders, and a welcome booklet. All materials use “No credit needed” messaging to remind customer financing is available and to make it easy to apply.

The kits also contain:

  • Table Tents: Informational and text-to-apply table tents to be displayed on inventory, waiting areas, coffee tables, reception desks, customer service kiosks, etc.

  • Handbills: Informational brochures that break down Koalafi’s product and provide customer service information.

  • Posters and door clings: Posters and door clings with bold graphics and messaging to display in store.

Digital marketing assets

We’ve created a marketing quick start guide with some best practices and links to a library of digital assets to spread the word about your partnership with Koalafi on social media, via email, and on your website.

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